Gigabyte OC Guru II to Enhance Your Video Card

Gigabyte OC Guru II
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Gigabyte OC Guru II

The Gigabyte OC Guru II utility is designed to enhance the performance of the video card. The program is mostly used by gamers and can be run in a simple manner. Although video cards are capable of modifications, it is necessary to be careful with the force of boosting as improper overlocking can cause instability of the system or even hardware damage. GIGABYTE OC Guru is compatible with video cards GV-R577SO-1GD, GV-R587SO-1GD, GV-R687SO-1GD, GV-N460SO-1GI, GV-N470SO-13I, GV-N480SO-15I, GV-N560SO-1GI, GV-N560SO-1GI-950, GV-N570SO-13I, GV-N580SO- 15I, GV-R697OC2-2GD and more. The program opens access to the settings of graphic adapters, displays information about the parameters of devices and allows you to configure the profiles of the video card.



Gigabyte OC Guru



The main features

  • Gigabyte OC Guru II has a simple and modern interface. It enables users to access to three panels that contain a number of parameters that influence the output of the component;
  • the utility allows to control the voltage, core frequency and fan speed that leads to overclocking of the video card and the usage of its full potential;
  • the program displays information about the temperature of the video card and the number of FPS;
  • the utility allows you to save settings profiles and switch them using hot keys;
  • the program enables you to change the frequency of the core, shaders , memory, and the voltage that is supplied to the graphics processor and memory;
  • the utility provides an option to create various profiles and select the minimum voltage and the power target;
  • it can monitor and adjust the fan speed and change rotation speed in a cooler.


Principles of work

The first step is download Gigabyte OC Guru II. Then you will see an interface with the division into nine blocks and a control panel. Such categories as GRU Clock and Memory Clock are to pay attention to first as using them you can set up the main parameters that affect the speed of the adapter. In addition, you will find information display about the resolution and frequency on the monitor. In case of any issues, you can always contact the specialists following the link to Online Support.

What concerns the main advantages of Gigabyte OC Guru II, they include the ability to support video adapters of the Radeon and NVIDIA families and the provision of multiple settings profiles. The utility can also be controlled by hot keys combinations.

Speaking about the disadvantages of the program, there is a danger of the reduction of the video card functionality in case of a significant increase in frequency and voltage. Another issue is that it will be some problematic to run the program for non-English-speaking users.


To conclude

The utility is all-in-one utility for overclocking and fine tuning of your Nvidia or ATI graphics card. It is recommended to use the Gigabyte OC Guru II program to overlock video cards manufactured by Gigabyte. It will help to reduce the adapter resource and at the same time achieve higher graphics display settings. The developers of Gigabyte OC Guru II have limited the ability to set critical settings to the maximum. This utility will be especially relevant for inexperienced users who are concerned about the state of their video card. In case the program does not satisfy any kind of user’s requirement, they can use the analogs of the Gigabyte OC Guru II utility running such programs as GeForce Experience or RivaTuner. The first one is designed for more professional users to overclock any type NVIDIA cards. At the same time RivaTuner is a universal utility for managing parameters of various types of video adapters.


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