The RadeonMod Download  (previously known as AMD Registry Editor). This is an application that allows you to edit registry values for AMD GPU's.

Changes will be active after a system reboot or clicking "Restart Driver". Be sure to backup your registry first by going to File and then Backup Registry.

    • RadeonMod Download.
    • Black options exist already and can be edited.
    • Red options don't exist but will be added when edited.

Supported Hardware RadeonMod:

  • Radeon R9 Fury, R9 300 и R7 300 series
  • Radeon R9 200, R7 200, HD 7000, HD 6000 и HD 5000
  • Laptops AMD Mobility Radeon
  • Series Radeon HD 4000, HD 3000 и HD 2000
  • AMD Radeon Dual Graphics

RadeonMod Download
This thread is dedicated to RadeonMod, a free program for tweaking various graphics-related registry values with ease! Among many things it can:

  • Enable Dynamic VSync (EDIT: In OpenGL games only)
  • Force enable shader cache in all games
  • Enable/Disable DirectX triple buffering
  • Tweak the flip queue (which affects latency/smoothness)
  • Tweak power-saving settings like ULPS
  • Forcibly expose advanced video processing, like AMD Fluid Motion (AMD's own motion interpolation) and more.
  • Tweak AA/AF parameters
  • Enable legacy/compatability settings, like Engineering Sample mode, VGA compatibility mode and more.
  • Force crossfire modes for incompatible apps.
  • Create/load profiles for all these registry tweaks
  • And much more!

In other words this replaces all of RadeonPro's old functionality (aside from post-processing, which ReShade covers (EDIT: And dynamic Vsync in directX games, which ReShade will support soon)) and does more. Many registry values/tweaks are well documented, but there's still some functionality left to discover!

Editor's Note:
Added 10-bit Support to "Tweaks" Fixed "Restart Driver" under rare circumstances.
Change Info:
SHA1: 5E7DB475D26A1549615BC1AAF005F19FB2C23AE6

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RadeonMod Download (the solution allows editing various registry values for AMD processors; preliminary developer recommends backing up the registry).

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