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riva tuner
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RivaTuner utility will help you to safely overclock the video card.


RivaTuner allows monitoring the temperature and frequency of the graphics core and memory and managing all the parameters of the video card. Cooler settings are provided such as turning on of the constant fan speed or determination of the number of resolutions in percentage depending on the load. In addition, there are monitor settings, i.e. brightness, contrast and gamma for each colour channel.


The main function of the program is overclocking the video card. It is possible to change the frequency of the core, memory and shading unit. The settings immediately come into operation. What’s more, it is possible to set the frequencies for 2D and 3D separately in order to reduce the load when working in low-resource applications.


System requirements utility RivaTuner

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (both x86 and x64 versions) with full administrative rights
  • Any DirectX, Vulkan or OpenGL compatible graphics card


The main features of RivaTuner

  • The server provides framerate and frametime monitoring support to the client applications. Framerate and frametime statistics is being collected for DirectX and OpenGL applications. The statistics can be rendered in On-Screen Display or provided to client applications connected to the server.
  • The server provides 3D acceleration usage statistics to the client applications. The clients can use the statistics to determine if any 3D applications are currently running and apply different hardware profiles depending on it.
  • The server provides On-Screen Display support to the client applications. The clients can display any text info in the On-Screen
  • Display in DirectX and OpenGL applications. The server can be also used as a standalone framerate monitoring solution and display own framerate statistics in the On-Screen Display.
  • The server provides desktop and in-game screen capture support to the client applications. BMP, PNG and JPG screen capture formats are supported.
  • The server provides high-performance real-time desktop and in-game video capture support to the client applications.
  • Uncompressed, high-performance custom RTV1 and native MJPG video encoding, encoding with third-party external VFW compatible codecs (e.g. Lagarith or x264vfw) and hardware accelerated H.264 encoding via Intel QuickSync, NVIDIA NVENC and AMD VCE are supported in conjunction with wide range of additional video capture related options, multisource stereo and multichannel (for Window Vista and newer) audio capture with Push-To-Talk support. The functionality of expensive commercial video capture products is now available to everyone absolutely for free! There is no need to buy dedicated video capture software anymore!
  • Framerate limiting support. Limiting the framerate during gaming can help to reduce the power consumption as well as it can improve gaming experience due to removing unwanted micro stuttering effect caused by framerate fluctuations.
  • User extendable architecture. You may express your creativity and design your own skins for RivaTuner Statistics Server, create localization for your native language, use the server to display any custom text in On-Screen Display directly from your own application and many, many more!


Two levels of modifying your graphics,
using the RivaTuner utility

The utility RivaTuner can perform operations in two modes and set your graphics at the driver level or low level. At the driver level the utility changes the settings with the help of the registry and directs to the functions of the driver to perform some operations such as updating an overlay context or changing a color scheme, etc.


Running this mode, it can also read some information directly from your graphics hardware. However, RivaTuner does not use a low-level access to your hardware to make any kind of changes. What concerns the low level, the utility operates directly with your graphics hardware. Making modifications in this mode the program does not use the display drivers at all and programs the graphics processor's registers directly.





RivaTuner update installation procedure

Due to the fact the last release of the utility took place in 2009; there is a necessity to MSI Afterburner. The reason is that RivaTurner doesn’t work well with the latest graphics cards.


  1. Having completed download of MSI Afterburner, it is necessary to select the RivaTuner Statistics Server along with MSI Afterburner when prompted to choose the components to install.
  2. Then follow the same installation process for RTSS. Open MSI Afterburner and click on the settings. Go to the monitoring tab. There you see many options provided by MSI Afterburner to customize screen display. These include GPU temperature, GPU usage, Memory usage, Core clock, and so on.
  3. Save these setting in custom group names. It will open the RivaTuner Statistics Server application.
  4. The last step is to change the font setting for the on-screen display. To do this you should click the Raster 3D tab. RivaTuner allows changing the color of the text, the size and location editing. All the selected modifications are visible while you are playing the game.


If this information was not enough for you or it did not help you.

You can find even more information on this utility on the Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) forum.

This forum is intended for generic questions and discussion of the RivaTuner Statistics Server software. In this section users can help each other out with answers.


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    Hey, kinda an unusual question but I didnt know where to post is. So if you dont know, RivaTuner Statistics is a program which displays temperatures of GPU/CPU. I tend to have it on in any game as I just like knowing the temperatures of my PC components so that when they get too hot, I know about it. The problem is, that it doesn’t seem to work with FiveM, but it worked with normal GTA, even when I tried full screen mode/tried adding it manually it still didn’t work.
    Anyone know how to fix this?

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