Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The utility Ultimate Windows Tweaker can be easily downloaded and used as a portable application for customizing Windows. The program can make the system faster, safer and more stable with just a few steps of settings. Ultimate Windows Tweaker determines if a user has Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 10 and then proposes only relevant tweaks.

The tweaker is a small file around 1.6MB that does not require installation; it contains over 200 tweaks and settings. Ultimate Windows Tweaker does not require any expert knowledge and it is easy for beginner users. What is necessary to do is to download the zip file, extract its contents and then run the program.

The main features of Ultimate Windows Tweaker

  • the interface is easy to use;
  • it offers a system restore point and restores default values;
  • the guidance of the tool tips concerning the work of the tweak;
  • the tweaker is portable. To uninstall the program one needs simply delete its program folder;
  • it does not contain any kind of advertisement;
  • the program checks for an available update;
  • it provides export and import of user’s tweaks;
  • the search feature allows users to use it easily.

How to use Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The utility does not require installation. Having downloaded a zip-file, extract its contents and move Ultimate Windows Tweaker to the necessary folder. For easy access, pin its executive file to the Start Menu.

Having opened UWT4 users go through some basic information about their system like Operating system version, Build, System Type, Processor, Installed RAM, Computer name, User name, and the WEI Score, etc. It is recommended to use the function of creating restore point button, which UWT offers; an easily accessible button for creating it has been provided in the tweaker.

What concerns using all tweaks at once, it is not advised. The better approach is to apply tweaks for one category every day. Then check how the system works and move to other changes. To apply the tweak, check or uncheck the box when applicable. When several tweaks have been selected, press the Apply button. If a system restart is required, when exiting the application, there will be a reminder for rebooting the computer.

Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10

Here is a list of new features for the updated version for the tweaker:

  • a number of new tweaks for Store Apps to support Windows 10 added;
  • new tweaks under a new Privacy section added;
  • it calculates Windows Experience Index from the main page;
  • to fix corrupted system image, users run DISM command;
  • to get the description of the tweak, users put a cursor on the tweaker;
  • a newly designed interface with command link buttons represented.

The newest version of Ultimate Windows Tweaker (v4) is available only for Windows 10. For older versions of Windows users should download Ultimate Windows Tweaker v3 (Windows 8) or Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2 (Windows 7 and Vista).

Modification of settings

Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker users can modify settings connected to performance, privacy, security and much more. In addition, users can set the waiting time to finish operating, to exclude non-responding applications and to make service optimizations.

Administrative restrictions can be made as well, such as Windows Explorer restrictions and Windows apps’ restrictions. What’s more, users can configure the network security, bandwidth optimization, tab settings and more.

To conclude, Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a classic program for improving performance, customizing the interface and other changes in the OS. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 changes not only the privacy options, but also a great number of other settings.

We are pleased to release our Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This Tweaker was first released at the Microsoft South Asia MVP Meet 2008. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows to meet your requirements.

With judicious tweaking, it can make your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks. The tweaker detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed and accordingly offers you the relevant tweaks only.

The tweaker is a very small .exe file which does not require an install, but yet packs over 150 tweaks & settings. Simply download the zip file, extract its contents and run Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Create system restore points to easily rollback

Before making any changes, it is highly recommended you create a checkpoint. So, you can configure Windows Explorer (e.g. disable full row select items), the start menu (e.g. disable context menus) and the taskbar appearance (e.g. disable balloon tips).

You can also make welcome screen tweaks (e.g. enable verbose status message) and change options in User Account Control (e.g. enable admin approval mode for the built-in administrator account).

What's New:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Supports Internet Explorer 9
    • Enable Menu bar permanently
    • Always on InPrivate Filtering
    • Hide Compatibility View button
    • Disable sending keystrokes to your default search engine
    • Enable Quick Tabs
    • Manage no. of rows in about:Tabs (IE9 only)
    • Disable caching of SSL pages
    • Enable software rendering instead of GPU rendering (IE9 only)
  • User Accounts & UAC
    • Manage user accounts (improved)
  • System Performance
    • Disable PAE
  • Other
    • Extensive code optimization for speed improvement
    • Improved refreshing capability after applying tweaks
    • No more prompts after each Apply clicks
    • Some UI and typo fixes.