CPU-Z 1.94 for Windows x32/x64

CPU-Z is an informative program designed to display technical information about your computer hardware. The program determines the characteristics of the central processor, motherboard and BIOS, RAM, video card, except for the hard disk.

The new version of CPU-Z 1.94.8 includes Intel Tiger Lake-U and Tiger Lake-H, Intel Z590, and NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU. Before you run any kind of such a program, read the full change. The CPU-Z program is popular with IT professionals, computer technicians, gamers and overclockers.

CPU-Z reveals the following info about:


  • Name
  • TDP processor
  • Supported instruction sets
  • Technical process
  • Core stepping
  • Core supply voltage
  • CPU multiplier
  • Cash information at all levels
  • Number of processor sockets involved
  • Number of processor cores and threads


  • Manufacturer and model
  • BIOS version and date
  • Chipset and its revision
  • System monitoring chip model
  • Graphical interface.

Memory size

  • Type and volume
  • Clock speed and timing
  • Number of memory channels
  • Memory controller frequency
  • Complete information contained in the SPD

How to master CPU-Z?

Using CPU-Z you can info about all the characteristics of your processor, motherboard, memory, and graphics. To use the program, run the setup executable file, and let it guide you for the installation process. You can be a simple user without advanced skills, but the CPU-Z application can be of great help for users of any level. If you need to get any details about your computer, the utility is a right option to use.

One of the advantages is that it’s free to use. The program takes little amount of memory and collects all the data in real time. A user-friendly interface helps you to use the utility at ease. A great advantage of this software is that it is regularly updated to new versions and supports most processors and chipsets. In addition, CPU-Z is also available as a portable version. It requires no installation, and you can also use a version for Android.

CPU-Z shortcut keys

  • The F5 key saves screenshots as a BMP file in the application directory. These files are named cpu.bmp, cache.bmp, mainboard.bmp, and memory.bmp.
  • The F6 key copies the current page to the clipboard.
  • The F7 key saves the test cvf file in the current directory.
  • The F9 key switches between methods of CPU clock calculation

Cache latency computation

Using cache latency computation tool, you can gather information about the cache hierarchy of the system. It provides its size and its latency for each cache level. Code caches are not reported. You can download the latency tool for free. 

Configuration file

CPU-Z uses the cpuz.ini configuration file, which allows you to set some parameters for the application. The cpuz.ini file must be in the same directory as cpuz.exe. The use of this file is optional. If the .ini file is not found, default values will be used. It has the following view:

TextFontName = Verdana
TextFontSize = 13
TextFontColor = 000060
LabelFontName = Verdana
LabelFontSize = 13
PCI = 1
MaxPCIBus = 256
DMI = 1
Sensor = 1
SMBus = 1
Display = 1
UseDisplayAPI = 1
BusClock = 1
Chipset = 1
SPD = 1
CheckUpdates = 1