(NiBiTor) NVidia BIOS Editor 6.06

NiBiTor is a utility that allows you to change several BIOS parameters in NVidia video cards. Just a few of the list are loading and saving any BIOS Image files, loading the current BIOS from memory; changing Device ID, Sub Device ID and Sub Vendor. NVidia BIOS Editor version 6.06 contains updated GPU support, an updated design to support unknown devices, and has some minor fixes.

Supported following:

DEV_1C03 and SUBSYS_8C941462 “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB”


The main features of NiBiTor

NiBiTor is an original and reliable BIOS tweaker that is compatible with the latest NVidia developments. The utility is regularly updated. You can have full control of some of the advanced features and functionality present in the firmware of supported cards. Thus, you gain additional performance, enable certain hidden features, change internal fonts and do self-installation of boot options, tune memory latencies, and much more. What’s important, NiBiTor allows you to tune your graphic adapters for maximum performance and improve stability of your graphic cards.

The key features of NiBiTor

View detailed BIOS information

  • Device ID
  • BIOS version and date
  • Core/Memory Clock display
  • Core Voltage display
  • Memory Timings display
  • Product Identification

Modification of several BIOS parameters

  • Core Clock defined within the BIOS
  • Memory Clock defined within the BIOS
  • Core Voltage defined within the BIOS
  • Memory Timings defined within the BIOS
  • Temperature Settings defined within the BIOS
  • Fan Speed Settings defined within the BIOS

Specific boot settings

  • Graphics Card OEM and Advanced Signon Message
  • Monitor Specific Parameters
  • Graphics Card Initiation Settings
  • TV Mode Selection (NTSC/PAL)

Ability to check BIOS Integrity

  • BIOS Checksum and Structure Checking

NVidia BIOS Editor version 6.06 supports the following new GPUs: GeForce 9800M GTX,
GeForce 9600M GT and GeForce 8400M GS. The program works without installation. Note that NiBiTor is incompatible with Windows 10.