Crypto enthusiasts face a great number of issues when trading.  To make the process simpler, the Cryptohopper team have designed the tool to help traders.

The trading bot can work 24/7, constantly monitor the crypto market and trade the number of coins appointed by the user. The trading bot provides fully customizable planning with the option to make tests over it.

Although the tool cannot guarantee 100% profits, it enables traders to make smart trades as it is run on trading concepts and works on a continuous basis, which reduces the chance of loss.

The development history

On the official website you can find necessary information and specifications of the platform. The project was created by two enthusiastic brothers. One of them used to work as a daytrader while the other was an outstanding web developer.

They were so engrossed with what was going around the crypto world that they decided to design the Cryptohopper company. First, they started the project as a personal tool, but it became demanded very quickly. Having opened the trading bot to the public, the brothers are continuously improving the way of Cryptohopper’s operation.

The domain was registered in July 2017. The platform itself is owned by Cryptohopper BV and based in Amsterdam. Cryptohopper works with up to 75 cryptocurrencies and covers nine major exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex and Kucoin.

Features of the trading bot

Among features of Cryptohopper there are automatic trading, exchange arbitrage, marketing making bot, mirror trading, trailing stops, paper trading, strategy designer, backtesting, and exchanges. Users can set various strategies according to their needs.

The trading bot enables users to use both algorithmic and technical indicators. The tool is able to track up to 75 coins all at the same time and it takes up to 5 minutes to set all the features; no special experience is required. In addition, users can subscribe to a signaler, which sends buy signals.

All of Cryptohopper’s signalers have performance reports and users may check their accuracy every day. In case of any issues, the support team is ready to assist via Twitter, Telegram and Facebook and FAQs in the Support Section might be also quite helpful.

Creating the account of the trading bot

1. The official website has the regular procedure of creating the account that includes providing email, name, username and password. Afterwards it requires confirmation by clicking the activation link in the email.

started account cryptohopper

2. The next step is setting up the account. What is needed is to select an exchange, configure the bot and pick up basic configurations. Each step is supplied with additional useful information and links to tutorials.

setting up the account

3. The platform enables users to subscribe to integrated external signals. Experienced traders arrange the signaler service and search for positive signals of rising shifts. It is easy to track their profitability.

Pricing of the trading bot

The utility aimed at newbies and it is essential that the Cryptohopper developers provide a free trial for 7 days known as the ‘Pioneer Plan’. After the tutorial period, users may choose within the following packages: Explorer, Adventure and Hero starting from $19 to $99 per month.

Using Cryptohopper makes it easy to learn more about crypto markets and the way to trade cryptocurrencies saving a lot of personal time. The Cryptohopper trading bot has won an excellent reputation over the last years.